Hi, I'm TJ.
I design logos and icons for worldbuilders!

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When I'm not making logos, I pour all of my creative hobbies into building the fantasy world of Melior

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I also write blog posts documenting neat things I've learned and cool stuff that I like!

I like to write (and learn!) about:

CSS + Web Stuff

I'm learning all the snazzy tips and tricks to make websites look
absolutely amazing


Typography, negative space, and colour. These are but a few of my favourite things to write about

Creative Software

I'm breaking up from my 15+ year relationship using Adobe in favour of Affinity. I'm spilling tea & tutorials!


Read: Procrastination. This is usually a case of me blogging about what I should actually be doing


The process of creating imaginary worlds from scratch. A combo of tutorials and documentation

Personal Interests

Every now and then I will get incredibly hyped and write about a new release from my favourite Artists and Studios

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United Kingdom


Discord: @melior64#0128
Email: tj@melior64.com