This pages gives you some handy information about the pre-made World Anvil CSS themes available for purchase in my shop!

Before Purchasing

Make sure that you have a World Anvil account. You will need to have an active guild membership on their website in order to access the use of custom CSS themes (the cheapest tier for this is Journeyman).

Double check the licence & usage below and make sure you’re cool with it!

Finally, check out the other CSS themes that are available in case there’s something that will suit your world better, there’s lots to choose from!

Upload Instructions

  1. Log in to World Anvil
  2. Access your world and click on Configuration
  3. Click on the Themes & Styling tab
  4. Make sure any existing themes are deselected (click the tiny ‘x’ button to the right of a theme to deselect it)
  5. Open the .css file in a text editor
  6. Copy and paste the whole thing into the Presentation Cascade Stylesheets (CSS) text area
  7. Click save changes

Licence & Usage

You CAN:

  • use this theme on World Anvil (requires guild membership on their site)
  • modify this theme to suit your world
  • use this on any number of worlds owned by you
  • contact me if you’ve found a feature that needs updating
  • recommend these themes to your friends!


  • redistribute this theme
  • redistribute modified versions of this theme
  • sell this theme
  • sell modified versions of this theme

    If you suspect someone has been a bit naughty and broken these rules,please contact me and I will issue a formal takedown notice on theirpage(s).


For any other information about the World Anvil CSS themes that I offer, please contact me!

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